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FFM Agency is the first organization outside of Eastern
Europe designed specifically to address the
promotional, linguistic, financial,
and legal needs of artists
from Vilnius to Vladivostok – and beyond.

  • Consolidation of revenue data across all channels
  • Management of digital, physical, licensing, and publishing income sources
  • Rights management

We oversee your marketing, accounting, and legal concerns, so you can create in a worry-free environment.

We give your work a permanent home and clear focus, making it understandable and appealing to an international audience

  • Song translation and creation of original lyrics. Unique PR materials for your site and band/release
  • Detailed English-language articles about your work from FFM
  • Complete EPK (electronic press kit). Up-to-date biography, full streaming discography, audio, video, and photographs

Western newspapers, magazines, and media outlets expect all your materials to be gathered in one place, not scattered across different platforms

  • Distribution and revenue support across all platforms
  • Regular income updates/ payments
  • Real-time data analysis

We promote your work as part of a coherent scene, so listeners understand better your cultural context.

This guarantees you a more personalized service than other aggregators. We answer all concerns promptly, politely––and productively, too!

“David MacFadyen is THE musical hero of the ex-Soviet Union: no foreigner and, I suspect, no Russian does as much as him to find, help, and promote new musical talent from this enormous territory. For countries like Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan, where most “unofficial” contemporary music is still pretty much an underground phenomenon, MacFadyen’s work has a truly huge cultural and social significance.”

Artemy Troitsky
Artemy TroitskyJournalist, music critic, promoter, broadcaster, and academic

“I have followed the progress of FFM since its inception and consider it the most complete, most reliable source of information on new and post-Soviet music. Thanks to regular updates and David MacFadyen’s academic approach, FFM has become an invaluable database for everybody interested in music from Russia––and beyond. One need only look at FFM’s map: very few Russian journalists can claim to have researched so many bands or regions. Without leaving his Los Angeles base, MacFadyen heads off into the wilds, filling the world with new music––every day.”

Boris Barabanov
Boris BarabanovMusic critic of Moscow’s Kommersant newspaper, radio presenter, and producer.

“FFM is unique in its position as the richest and most important source of information on East European music. FFM is the biggest ‘window’ linking Russia and the surrounding world. I recommend FFM at all my music conferences to anybody wanting to investigate fresh music from Russia and neighboring countries.”

Ilya Bortnyuk
Ilya BortnyukProducer, promoter, and director of the ‘Svetlaya Muzyka’ company. Organizer of Russia’s annual music festival Stereoleto.

“FFM is remarkable for its scale, generic breadth, and geographic sweep. FFM is a clear example of love for one’s work––and of boundless enthusiasm, too. It’s a musical and informational treasure.”

Igor Tonkikh
Igor TonkikhMusic promoter, CEO and founder of Moscow’s YOTASPACE and ГЛАВClub

Did you know that the biggest online resource for post-Soviet music is actually based in Los Angeles? It’s “Far from Moscow.” 

Ilya Lagutenko
Ilya LagutenkoSinger, musician, writer, and frontman of Mummy Troll, Russia’s most popular rock group.

Introduction to the FFM Agency
with David MacFadyen

The FFM agency is built upon a huge, geo-tagged catalog of local music and media scenes that brings together 4,000+ bands from (1) Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus, then (2) Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. It also contains more than 4,000 articles, each with fresh images, unique audio, and countless hyperlinks to additional sounds, resources or video. The catalog shows what songs are being published, where they come from, and what they mean locally––all the way from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok (West to East), or from Sochi to Magian (North to South). Artists can be sought by name, location, genre, song, video, or article subject.

“FFM is a unique, unprecedented catalog of new and post-Soviet music. I often use FFM to find young bands, scattered across the expanse of a post-socialist landscape. Sadly there is no such resource in the Russian language to match FFM; personally, I consider that a crying shame.”

Denis Boyarinov
Denis BoyarinovContemporary music editor at Colta.Ru and founder of Temnye Loshadki Records. Journalist, lecturer, and Moscow DJ.

“FFM is one of the most important news sources for new and interesting music from Russia. FFM regularly supports independent musicians and labels––including Highway Records!”

Highway Records
Highway RecordsRussia’s most successful dance/electronic music publisher

“Of all the Western research done into Russia’s recording industry, FFM offers the most profound insights. FFM has been constructed both with considerable love and a complete understanding of everything happening in Russian entertainment.”

Oleg Nesterov
Oleg NesterovMusician, producer, and author. Leader of the Moscow band Megapolis and head of Russia’s Snegiri record label

“Having already done an enormous amount with FFM, David is not resting on his laurels. He deserves enormous respect, especially since he’s not a resident of our post-Soviet realm! And, of course, I’m very grateful to FFM at a time when various ‘boundaries’ or borders––if only cultural––are becoming something of a norm.”

Sasha Gagarin
Sasha GagarinFrontman of Sansara, one of Russia’s most influential rock outfits


How is your company different from other similar services?

It is the first organization outside of Eastern Europe designed specifically to address the promotional, linguistic, economic, financial, and legal needs of artists from Vilnius to Vladivostok – and beyond.

How much does it cost?

We share the profits, at a personal rate discussed with each artist. We always offer a 50/50 deal or better. Once we decide to promote you, that work is always free – even if you make no money. The PR, EPK, translations, legal support, and marketing will all remain free.

What if my works are already on iTunes, Spotify, etc.?

We can still collaborate – if you are not already signed to a label. If you’ve only distributed your work through a standard service (such as CD Baby etc.), then we can provide you all our services except distribution.

Is your contract exclusive?

Yes, because we will invest significant time and effort in your career. If, however, you are unhappy for whatever reason, you may end our relationship immediately and without penalty.

How do I get paid?

Preferably through PayPal, once a quarter, but direct bank deposits can also be arranged, wherever possible.

How do I register?

The FFM agency represents bands on the FFM site. For consideration, please send a letter of introduction and media/social network links to farfrommoscow@gmail.com

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